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Transformers fanfic -- recommendations, rants and fond hopes

Back in 2000, I got bored one night and wrote an essay called "Transformers Porn I Want To See." It was a tongue-in-cheek dig at adult Transformers fics as well as a quasi-serious list of requests. I posted the list to an old website of mine and more or less forgot about it, particularly once I drifted away from TF fandom.

Flash-forward to 2006. Having gotten bitten by the TF fanfic bug again, I join a message board called "The Padded Cell" and sign up for their Slash Haven. Digging through the Haven's archive, I find a post circa 2003 talking about TPIWTS and how funny the poster thought it was.

Color me tickled! I ended up brushing off the old list, added a few updates and annotated it with links to fics that fit my personal criteria -- since in the time since I'd written the list, people had actually started writing the fics I'd wanted to see.

Which brings us up to now (or Sept. 2007, depending when you're reading this) and me considering adding to the list, but also wanting to a) bring it to LJ where it'd be easier to update and b) wanting to broaden the scope beyond adult TF fics (which, to be honest, I'd already done to a point). Not to mention me also wanting to combine my love of a good rant and/or a good fannish discussion of fic writing and things.

So, I hit on the idea for this community: Transformers Fanfic I Want To See -- where the "I" in question is whoever is posting their ideas, wants, desires, etc.

The idea behind this community is that people can post Wants -- things they'd like to see more of in Transformers fanfics. These can be anything from plots or concepts or characters. People can also post Do Not Wants -- things people are tired of seeing or that they'd like to see presented with a different spin. It's also a place to post Recommendations for fics they feel are really, really cool and maybe underappreciated. The idea is basically to get folks talking and see what it inspires.

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0. IGNORANCE OF THE RULES IS NO EXCUSE: Breaking the rules and attempting to weasel out of it by saying that you didn't read them so you didn't know you were doing something wrong is an automatic ban.

TFIWTS Banning Policy:
First offense -- Warning.
Second offense -- Second warning, with a reminder that this is the second offense.
Third offense -- Banned

1. Be Polite: (click for more information) Yes, part of this community's purpose is to provide people with a place to vent and rant, but it is entirely possible to vent without being rude to other people. There's a difference between "I'm tired of fics about "X"" and "Anyone who writes "X" is a complete douche!" The first is acceptable, the second is a one-way trip to bannination.

2. Leave Your Ego At The Door: This is a place for people to express opinions; some of them may be opinions you disagree with. You can disagree back, but please refrain from assuming that your opinions are Right and everyone else's opinions are Wrong. Or from assuming that posting your pet peeves here will actually make a difference; King Canute couldn't stop the ocean waves from rolling in, you can't stop fans from writing That Thing You Hate.

3. Trolls Will Be Banned: Ditto spammers. Trolling is in the eye of the community mod. I have zero tolerance for people who think behaving like a complete moron on the internet is funny. Or worse, 'daring'.

4. Anything of an explicit sexual nature needs to be friends-locked. This counts for fic recommendations as well as for discussions. Het, slash, etc., if it's about two (or more) characters getting it on, please friends-lock it. Any adult content not locked will be deleted as soon as the moderator spots it. First offence, I will save the post and mail it to you so you can repost it in compliance with the rules. Second offense, I will delete the post and you can rewrite it if you can remember it. Third offense, I will ban you from this community.

For the purposes of this community, explicit is defined as thus: If you wouldn't feel comfortable being caught reading/discussing it in front of your boss, your parents, your kids, your teacher, your entire class, your elderly relatives, your rabbi/priest/imam/minister, your spouse, your friends, your enemies, or whoever is your personal yardstick of squick, then F-lock it. If you're not sure whether you should lock it or not? F-lock it. Better to err on the side of caution than to have a long post deleted.

5. For the moment, anonymous commenting is allowed. Should this feature be abused, it will be turned off. Ditto for non-member posting.

6. Please use LJ-cuts for any post longer than 500-700 words. As a rule of thumb, the rules up until this point are approximately 706 words long. LJ FAQ Question #75: What is an LJ-Cut?

7. Please DO NOT POST FICS to this community. It's splitting hairs, I know, but this is a ranting/recommending community. Please link to any fics you wish to recommend. It is allowed to recommend your own works, particularly if you feel it meets someone's Wants.

8. Moderator reserves the right to amend, alter, add to or otherwise change the rules as necessary. Members will be notified of changes to the rules by posts made to the community. Again, ignorance of changes is no excuse.

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Places to Find Fic: -- Got a link to add? Post It Here!

TF Fanfic Archives:

thecybertronian -- The Cybertronian publishes three times a week, with each issue covering a different area of interest. Mondays are for Art, Wednesdays for Meta (Icons, new communities, news of interest, etc) and Fridays are for Fic. Not strictly an archive community since they only link to fics rather than storing them, but it's a fantastic place to start looking since they check FF.Net, LiveJournal, DeviantArt and a bunch of other places for fics and fanart and other generalized neat stuff.
Lexicon: Transformers Fanfic, Essays, Author Interviews and more! Established in 1996, this is probably the oldest TF fanfic archive on the internet.
Fanfiction.Net: Transformers/Beast Wars fanfic archive
The AllSpark Forums -- Chronicles of Cybertron -- fanfic forum at the AllSpark.com

TF Fanfic Communities -- LiveJournal: -- Generic communities dedicated to Transformers at large or to specific generations (i.e. 2007 movie, TF Animated, etc.)

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tfanimated_fic Transformers: Animated fanfic community
tf2007fun -- Live Action movie based community
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mecha_erotica -- Community is Members Only and you must be 18+ to join.
tformers100 -- a fanfic community along the lines of Fanfic 100.
tfwip_4_chan -- Adults only TF community based around works in progress and home of the "Bondformers"
tf80sfun -- Community for fics related to G1, Armada, Energon, Cybertron, and RiD universes Only.
tf_drabble A drabble community for TF fics (accepts fics between 100-600 words)
tf_gij_dark_100 Transformers and/or GI Joe Darkfic/Darkdrabble community. Also available @ InsaneJournal: Blood and Oil
tf_rare_pairing -- a TF rare pairing ficathon; has already gone at least one round with fics posted. There appears to be a current round going on (once again, I missed the active part of the round, but the new round will have fics due on July 1, 2009, so keep your eyes peeled for new fics!)
tf_afts -- Transformers badfic/bad art community.
me_drivecar -- Transformers stickyfic community for posting fics, art and discussion; slash and het allowed. Comm is moderated and members only, you must join to view/post and you must be 18+ to join.

Transformers Anonymous Kink Meme -- got a guilty pleasure pairing (MonstructorXWheelie) or particular naughty idea (...yeah, I can't really top MonstructorXWheelie...) you want to see but don't want people to know you want to see it? Post it here and maybe somebody'll pick up on it! (link fixed)

NOTE: As of May 21st, 2009 the original TF Anonymous Kink Meme has been maxxed out at 10,000 comments. It took seventeen months to happen, but happen it did. You can find more TF Anonymous Kinky Goodness at the tfanonkink community. Rock on you crazy diamonds!

LiveJournal Communities -- Pairing and/or Character Specific:

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beexsam -- Bumblebee/Sam Witwicky (2007movieverse)
tf_ironwill -- 2007 movieverse Ironhide/Will Lennox
thetwinterrors -- Sideswipe/Sunstreaker fanfic (slash and gen welcome)
lilbeefans -- community for fans of Bumblebee as a child -- brand new community
7_minibots -- Community for fanfics centering around the G1 minibots (Brawn, Bumblebee, etc)
annahide Ironhide x Annabelle Lennox community (for folks who are fans of Ironhide and William Lennox's daughter)
isitart_mirage -- a TF fanfic community dedicated to stories about Mirage painting Slag yellow. And ONLY to fics about Mirage painting Slag yellow.

Personal Journals/Communities -- NOTE: I will only link to your journal if you ASK me to do it in the comments to this post

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Dunmurderin @ InsaneJournal -- My personal fanfic archive, includes all of my fics (TF, GI Joe, Jem and the Holograms, etc.)

General TF Fanfic Communities -- Dreamwidth

Note: If you do not have a Dreamwidth account, you can still read open communities on Dreamwidth; if you don't want a Dreamwidth account, but still want to reply to posts other folks have made at DW, you can use OpenID to post. If you confirm your email address with Dreamwidth, you can also be notified of replies via email. OpenID is also useful for making posts at other LJ-like sites such as InsaneJournal.

all_transformers -- an all continuities fanfic community for Transformers.

toybox_fics -- A toy tie-in fic community that allows for Transformers fics of all continuities as well as fics for other toy-based fandoms like GI Joe, Jem and the Holograms, etc. Full Disclosure: this site is also owed/moderated by dunmurderin, aka she-what-owns-this-place.

Other Links of Interest:
tf_betas -- Transformers Beta Community (place to go if you're looking for someone to beta a fic or wanting to help beta fics)
tf_fanart -- Transformers fan art community
tf_bunny_farm -- This is a place to go looking for fic plot bunnies or to drop off bunnies you just can't work your head 'round.
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