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Places to Find Fic

Looking for places to find fanfic/fan art? Have a new community or a personal journal you want to pimp out? Go Here: Places to Find Fic and browse and/or post a link of your own.

Looking for a fic - Ironhide/Ratchet

Hey everyone. I am looking for a Ironhide/Ratchet fic, movieverse, pre-earth. It takes place in the beginning of the war and Ratchet was just named the Autobot CMO and is out a med center when it gets attacked. His name is on the MIA list for a while and bots are starting to give up on looking for any more survivors when Ironhide gets a emergency comm with coordinates (i think). Then Ironhide and some others go to the location and Ratchet goes running into Ironhides arms.

Anyone know this one? I can't find it anywhere.

Hello Everybody! I could realy use some help looking for a certain fic. I've been searching for awhile and have had absolutly no luck :(
It was about Sam turning into a transformer, He was alone and Sunstreaker ans Sideswipe found him.
The main scene that stuck in my mind was the three on them on some kind of barge trying to get back to the US.
Any help would be apreciated, and most likely end up with you being worshiped like a god :)

Fic named Aeons

Okay, so I've just recently got back into TF after a few years in a few other fandoms, and there's this one fic I distinctly remember but for the life of me I can't find it!

It was named Aeons, hosted on LJ, and was Starscream mpreg. It involved Starscream leaving the Deceptions and I think seeking refuge with the Autobots? There was a lot of comparison between bird pregnancy and Seeker procreation. Skywarp found him at some point and came across as surprisingly reasonable (given his usual fanon stereotype of Village Idiot).

If anyone could pass me a link, I'd be very grateful and I could stop banging my head against the wall.
First things first: Hi! I'm dunmurderin, your mod. I know, I know, long time, no see. Some of you may have no idea who I am other than a name on the community info. So, uh, hi! Very heartening to see that this community is still being used after all these years. Glad you guys are still getting some good use out of it!

Now for the nitty-gritty: I'm creating a version of this community over at Dreamwidth.org under the name tfiwts.dreamwidth.org. I started importing the content over there today and I'm trying to import everything that is here as of today (May 22, 2017 @ 1942 Eastern Standard Time) to that platform. How long this will take, I am not sure, but once it's up and running I will let you guys know.


Hi! My current obsession is Transformers so I think can someone make me a header and userinfo banner about it (Sam/Mikaela, Sam and Bumblebee). I wish that it matches with unreal.livejournal.com color theme, everything else is your choice :) and i wish that it include my username "juneghost" and other version "missaccident". I hope this is allowed, I search this everywhere.

Adapt and Naturalized

I've been looking around for a while now, and I can't find either Adapt by Kidu, or Naturalized (and its sequels) by Tricolora. I believe these were somewhere as .pdfs at some point, but I haven't been able to find them. If anyone has them, please hit me up!

I Yield

I yield. I have had the vague recollection of a fic rolling around on my head for the past several days, and I have failed in finding it. The really frustrating thing is that I remember when I read it (roughly 2012) and remember just enough about it that I can virtually guarantee that I won't enjoy rereading it, but I'm going to drive myself crazy until I do. Oh, well.

Anyway, it's an alternate post-2007 Bayverse fic over on FFNet, but it is possibly under the TF/BW category, and it was probably completed, likely before 2012. The main character is a human girl (and the main reason I think I will no longer like the story) who somehow ended up with the Decepticons, including a shockingly sane Megatron. I think that she was close to Soundwave, and that someone (probably him) had somehow gotten part(?) of the Allspark down to the corpses in the Marianna Trench. All of them were revived, and all of them swam to the surface to continue being Decepticons - including a very hurt Jazz with a now-red visor who is mostly his usually self, but he is definitely holding a grudge against his former comrades for dumping his body with the rest of the trash.

The above is literally all I can remember about it. Any help at all in finding this (or confirming its deletion) would be highly appreciated!

Edit: Never mind. After some rather creative searching, I found it myself - along with about eight other pre-2010 fics that I love. (Lord, help me to resist the temptation to reread them all Right Now...) Anyway, it's "Madness" by Kd Zeal, and here's the link for anyone who is curious: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/4171770/1/Madness

rare or unlikely

okay so, i've finally decided to take the plunge, and throw myself into TF properly. i've been kinda like, stalking, the fandom for a long, long time, but i've never had the courage (so much fanon to unpack yikes) to write for it before, BUT! now i have. or something.

which also means i crave fics like, no one's business.

my request (this time round hah) is pretty straightforward: any fics either featuring a rare pair (example: Skywarp/Soundwave) or having a less popular bot as a lead. (example: Hound)

thanks in advance!

Looking for a couple of stories

I am looking for two different stories that I once read on fanfiction.net and now I can't find them.

The first one is about Amanda Starscream, he somehow gets brought back and heads to Earth where he meets Alexis again. At one point he gets turned to a human. Unicron shows up again along with a female transformer who is working for him. In the end Alexis turns into a transformer herself.

The second is a Prowl is Barricade and after Jazz is torn in half he regains his memories of being Prowl. He then takes Jazz's body and hides from both factions keeping Jazz alive by merging their sparks. They are later found by both factions and Sam uses his blood to change Prowl's body back into his original one.

Does anybody recognise these two stories?


Looking for a pretty old fic with Skyfire and Starscream.

So basically from what I remember: Both Skyfire and Starscream were both in science academy or something and Starscream works in a club to earn money for school and I think Skyfire's friends paid Star to give him a lap dance but it ended up with them 'facing with Sky droning about science and stars

Please and thanks for reading, I've been trying to find this fic for a while ;-;